DI's Universe

You are standing in front of the entrances to Di's Universe. This special place is not
for everyone, so please read the below and make sure you are prepared to enter. This site is
strictly for adults to explorer. 

All appointments are to be made in advance. I do not work on a “now- for-now”
basis. Mistress Di requires 24 hours notice. A
Session Introduction Form is
required to be completed, and mailed back to me before any sessions
are granted.
No form received, no session!

If you agree to the following you may enter:

I am of adult age as defined by my community, and all other agencies which have established the age
at which a person is an adult. I am voluntarily accessing adult material; and I take full responsibility for
the results of my decision to continue.

No materials, pages, documents, or other items maybe viewed or downloaded by anyone in any place
where to do so would constitute a violation of any law, regulation, rule or custom.

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